A Port Hills Gem

Maximizing spaces

Often looked at as tricky or difficult sites, Port Hills Gem Gardens are great for those who wish to reconfigure unusable space into a garden retreat. These gardens have the potential to create multiple wonderful spaces linked by interesting pathways and can accommodate interesting vertical features often achievable on a flat section.
These gardens use plant and material palettes that suit the environmental conditions – whether they are coastal, have limited sunlight, battle with high wind volumes, or have to tolerate the occasional winter snowfall.
Planting a Port Hills Gem garden should more than just a beautiful planting palate. The plants should protect the site from the environment, all the while framing the best asset of a hill site – the view.

A Port Hills Gem Garden is great for those on the hills who wish to:

  • Maximise the useable spaces in their sloping garden
  • Frame their view
  • Create a garden suited to the unique environmental conditions of the Port Hills
  • Create structure and unique spaces