Landscape Construction

Realising the design

Billygoat Landscape Architecture work closely with select teams of qualified contractors ready to assist with landscape construction works and planting. These close relationships ensure your design is realised with quality workmanship.

Not every project requires full construction, especially if you want to do some yourself, in fact Billygoat can be as involved in the construction process only as much as you require.
In some cases; design documentation can be provided, which includes a breakdown estimate of the ‘construction costings’ with the expected material cost for constructing the Developed Design.
The costings provides you with the name of the supplier, unit of measurement and quantity required as well as the price per unit and overall cost.

The estimate is based on quotations we receive from our trusted suppliers to undertake landscape works. From this estimate you can begin to pare back or upgrade materials where necessary to meet your budget requirements.

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