Design Process

Designing your landscape should be an exciting, rewarding and enjoyable time for you.

If done correctly, your garden can add as much as 15 percent to the value of your home, compared to other houses on your street. As your landscape continues to grow over time, so does its value to your property.


With this in mind, Billygoat Landscape Architecture want to work with you to fulfil your vision for your property. Whether you have an initial idea in mind, or are completely unsure of what you may be after, we will work with you to create a landscape that is functional, beautiful and exciting.

Landscape architecture combines a knowledge of land sciences, soil, botany, horticulture, ecology and design principles with art and construction. It is the practice of creating visually interesting and purposeful designs that provide for the client’s needs, while preserving the natural environment. Landscape architecture includes the design of outdoor spaces at a variety of levels: from large scale master-planning through to the detailed design of furniture or paving.
A landscape architects job is to plan, design and manage the landscape, ensuring that it is suited to its surrounding built and natural environment. To do this, we use technical and artistic skills to plan and design the built environment; creating drawings, construction documents, and specifications that indicate the location, arrangement, and construction of these specific design intentions.

Our practice aims to make the design process as easy and transparent as possible for you. Flexible work hours allow us to arrange client meetings and site visits to suit your lifestyle.

Our Landscape Design Process


Initial Site Visit

A site visit is arranged to discuss your design vision and the requirements for your property. It is important for us to walk the site and experience it to get a thorough understanding of the site elements and conditions including: boundaries, land use, built elements, site history, noise, drainage, land-form, services and utilities, flora and fauna, circulation and access, microclimate, views and character.

This no-obligation meeting will allow us to identify and outline the scope of works by addressing the site issues, any initial design ideas you have and your budget.


Offer of Service

An Offer of Service will be sent to you within 3-4 working days of our initial meeting. This will outline our initial discussion and will include a description of the services we will provide, the expected time-frame and associated fees.


Concept Design

Site analysis and investigation (measurements, photos, levels etc) will be undertaken in order to produce a concept design. This design will take into account all of your requirements and ideas and will be presented to you through a concept plan (or series of plans) and sketches where required.


Developed Design

Through consultation we will discuss and refine the concept making any amendments where necessary. At this stage we will produce a highly detailed, dimensioned and annotated plan for costing, as well as a refined planting plan, materials palette and sketches where required.



Where necessary, we will provide detailed construction drawings for any built works. These drawings will indicate set out, dimensions, material palate and specifications.


Planting + Construction

Our industry advantage allows us to readily source plants in order to undertake the set out and physical planting of your new landscape, and where necessary allows us to carry out small scale construction works.